Facts and questions

How long have you been a photographer?...

Wedding turn around time is between 6-8 weeks! But I try to be as speedy as possible because I know how exciting it is to get those shots back fast!

No I do not give out the RAWS. 
I believe trusting the artist that you hire is a huge part of the process. And part of that is choosing your artist with their edit in mind. I take great pride in the edit that I have perfected over the years and giving out the RAWS is leaving the job undone. The images are a reflection of me as a business as well as me personally.
And keep in mind, I have no use for photos of your memories, and it serves me best to always give you the best images. I will never with hold images from you unless they are deemed unworthy due to out of focus, bad lighting...etc.

can you photoshop me and make make look skinnier?

well...I can...however I won't.
I believe in capturing you in all your beauty and uniqueness. And even your imperfections that you see in yourself are beautiful.
However that inconvenient zit that popped up that morning, consider it GONE! 

what if we need to reschedule or cancel our wedding?

No worries! Chances are we can work something out, so let me know what's happening and we can see what we can do.

I have been a photographer since 2011, specializing in couples, families and seniors in the beginning while I perfected my passion. After a few years, I moved into weddings and started out with second shooting with various wedding professionals throughout the years.
In 2017 I took the leap into bringing on my own weddings and all the exciting experiences that has brought has been such a blessing!

what is your turn around time?

what if I want the raw files?

what if something happens and you can't make it?

I will try with all my might to not have that happen, and the first backup plan would be to have my second shooter to make it and cover for me when I can't or am late.
But in the case that neither of us can make it, I will do everything that I can to find a replacement for myself to cover your day. If I can not make it due to something on my end, a partial refund would be given back to you.

what if the weather doesn't work in our favor?

Just keep in mind that the real reason for your big day is about you and your love, and joining that love as one. Weather is apart of the day but not the most important part, and just keep that in mind!
But we will make whatever we are given work in our favor. My personality is the kind that goes with the flow and to make any outcome work!

what travel costs are involved?

That depends on where your wedding or event is!
But it could involve flights, rental car, and lodging. But it could be as little as just mileage.

how much do you work with different budgets?

i'm with you, talking about money is no fun, but my goal is to make it as painless as possible for the both of us! 

every business has it’s bottom line…however, if you’ve been following along with me but have realized that i don’t fit in your budget, please reach out anyway! i’d still love to talk with you and see if it’s possible to work together even with your budget. it’s not just about money and more about clicking well together and finding that common ground.

I saw you offer boudoir...could I have more information???

GIRL! Of course you can! 
Next to weddings, boudoir is a very large passion of mine. I believe every women, no matter what age, race, background etc... deserves to feel beautiful and feel empowered about themselves! 
Here is a link to my boudoir sessions and all the info on them that you may need!
The first question I usually get is, "but do my photos have to be posted?" and the answer is "no!"
I only post photos publicly from women who are okay with me doing so. Your wishes will completely be followed, you have my word!

Okay..so how do I book a wedding package?!

Wahoo! I am SOOO excited!!!
First thing first I'd need you to sign a contract with me as well as send a 50% non-refundable retainer fee to secure your date!
Keep in mind your date is not secured until both are fully received.
Then after that if you'd like we can meet for coffee and go over all your timeline details or if you'd prefer we can Facetime or phone call.
Then after that you're all set until 1 month month before the wedding when the final 50% is due!